About Us

Our Team

David Grant CEO, Co-Founder
Michel Allegue PhD CTO, Co-Founder
Francois Morel B.Sc, MBA VP Engineering, Co-Founder
Juan Felipe Gonzalez, B.Sc., MBA Chief Sales Officer, Investor
Mathieu Rozon B.Eng Firmware developer
Negar Ghourchian PhD Research Scientist

Technical Advisers

Xue (Steve) Liu, Ph.D.

With over 250 fully-referred publications published in top venues in computer science and engineering, Xue (Steve) Liu is a a Professor and Educator in Universities in both Canada and US, as well as a Researcher in Corporate Research Labs and an Entrepreneur in High-Tech Startups. His main expertise is in Big data and Data-Intensive Computing, Internet and Web Technologies, Real-Time Systems and Embedded Systems, Communication and Computer Networks, Internet of Things, and Smart Energies (Smart Grid, Renewable Energies etc).

University of Seville
Sergio Cruces, Ph.D.

Sergio Cruces in an associate professor at the department of Teoría de la Señal y Comunicaciones, in the University of Seville, since 2001 and an assistant professor at the Signal Processing Group of the University of Seville since 1995. He received his doctorate in Telecommunications Engineering in 1999 (University of Vigo). Contracted as a project's engineer during 1994/1995 at the University of Vigo. Graduated in Telecommunications Engineering in 1994 at the University of Vigo.

Doina Precup, Ph.D.

Doina Precup is a Professor and undergraduate program director of the School of Computer Science at McGill University. Her research interests include: Artificial intelligence, machine learning, reinforcement learning, reasoning and planning under uncertainty, and applications.

Rutgers School of Engineering
Marco Gruteser, Ph.D.

Marco Gruteser is a Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering as well as Computer Science at Rutgers University's Wireless Information Network Laboratory (WINLAB). He directs research in mobile computing, is a pioneer in the area of location privacy and recognized for his work on connected vehicles.

Beta Testers Hall of Fame

A big thank you to our volunteer beta testers who worked with us to help us polish Aerial Security: