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Let our anonymized data give you more insight to support business decisions

Aerial’s solutions passively gather data by detecting motion of human bodies through spaces where wireless signals are transmitted. Thanks to machine learning, Aerialytix can infer who is moving, where and why.

Aerialytix uses data anonymization to protect our users’ privacy and security; we want to be responsible participants in defining users’ online experience, including making sure that we never share any sensitive information with any parties. And how do we do that? By not generating any sensitive data in the first place.

As a SaaS, Aerialytix will be collecting substantial amounts of contextual data about its end users. We are therefore offering you the potential to leverage this data, providing you with an additional alternative to monetize your current infrastructure.

Data model examples:

  • Courier service companies could be interested in data about customer behaviors; insights about customer habits in neighborhoods where they have a high volume of deliveries can help them optimize their delivery schedules and reduce the number of unsuccessful deliveries.
  • Broadcasters could also be interested in the data generated by our solution. Knowing exactly who is watching TV and being able to adapt advertising to the person’s purchasing profile is a powerful marketing tool.

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