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Provide your subscribers with new services and peace of mind while monetizing your infrastructure

As a greater percentage of the population is aging, demand for innovative solutions to care for the elderly will increase steadily. Home care allows a person with special needs, whether elder, ill, recovering from surgery, or disabled, to stay home and receive the necessary care. A big proportion of these individuals are still autonomous and wish to recover in dignity.

Our non-intrusive, contextual technology allows family members to gain insight into the situation of their family member, without intruding on their privacy. No complicated or expensive installation is required, and neither are any wearables that most seniors do not regularly wear.

Examples of parameters that can be monitored:

Fall Detection

Has the person been in the bathroom for over 15 minutes, indicating a potential fall in the shower/bath?

Health in general

Has the person been to the bathroom? Is the person moving at her usual pace?


Is the caregiver following the pre-established visit schedule?

Click here for a scenario.

Benefits for ISPs/MSOs and Security System Integrators

  • Generate new revenue streams for your organization.
  • Rapidly integrate our technology to your current product line without needing to invest in hardware development. Our solutions leverage the existing WiFi standard and infrastructure, hereby simplifying your own product development roadmap.
  • Diversify your product offering and increase customer retention and customer satisfaction.

Benefits for Families

  • Cost savings as no additional hardware is required.
  • Non-intrusive security solution (no cameras).
  • Affordable peace of mind.

Benefits for Smart Object Manufacturers

  • Offer smarter devices in a faster time-to-market by easily integrating our solution into your existing product line.
  • Capture data about consumer behavior for marketing purposes.