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Home owners with limited budgets will love our presence detection solution

Our presence detection solution alerts home owners when suspicious motion is detected in their residence. Thanks to our API, these alerts can be integrated in third-party home security software solutions to dispatch alerts to security companies and command centers. The simplicity and affordability of our solution will be ideal for home owners with security concerns, but limited financial resources.

Benefits for ISPs/MSOs and Security System Integrators

  • Generate new revenue streams for your organization, in no time.
  • Rapidly integrate our technology to your current product line without needing to invest in hardware development. Our solutions leverage the existing WiFi standard and infrastructure, hereby simplifying your own product development roadmap.
  • Diversify your product offering and increase customer retention and customer satisfaction.
  • Reduce the number of false alarms.


Benefits for Home Tenants

  • Simplicity: The installation is simple and does not require the intervention of a technician.
  • Non-intrusive security solution (no cameras).
  • Affordable peace of mind.

Benefits for Smart Object Manufacturers

  • Offer smarter devices in a faster time-to-market by easily integrating our solution into your existing product line.
  • Capture data about consumer behavior for marketing purposes.


Use Case

Meet Diane, 65; she now lives by herself in a multi-dwelling unit. She wants to get a security system, to get that extra peace of mind. Diane does not want to install a complicated system with a keypad and cameras. She is looking for a simple solution that she could manage from her smart phone. Her main selection criteria are simplicity and affordability.

That is when Diane receives a brochure from her local internet service provider in the mail. Exactly what she is looking for!