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Smart Home

Provide your subscribers with new services and peace of mind while monetizing your infrastructure

Integrating our solutions to your infrastructure could not be easier, both from the technical and commercial perspectives. A natural extension of your current service offering, our wireless presence detection application triggers a variety of responses (or workflows) for the comfort and efficiency of the house occupants.


Send email alerts when motion is detected through our mobile application.


Adjust the lighting when specific motions are detected.

HVAC control (heating, ventilation, air conditioning)

Control HVAC systems to run at the most efficient levels based on the house’s occupants.

Home appliances

Turn appliances on/off based on who is in the house and on the context (which day of the week, what time of the day).

Benefits for ISPs/MSOs and Security System Integrators

  • Generate new revenue streams for your organization.
  • Rapidly integrate our technology to your current product line without needing to invest in hardware development. Our solutions leverage the existing WiFi standard and infrastructure, hereby simplifying your own product development roadmap.
  • Reduce deployment costs as you will not require to send a technician.
  • Diversify your product offering and increase customer retention and customer satisfaction.

Benefits for Home Tenants

  • Cost savings as no additional hardware is required. Furthermore, our solutions can help lower the energy and insurance bills.
  • Peace of mind.

Benefits for Smart Object Manufacturers

  • Offer smarter devices with a faster time-to-market by easily integrating our solution into your existing product line.
  • Capture data about consumer behavior for marketing purposes.