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Targeted Advertising

Provide insight to content owners by better understanding viewers habits in the context of their homes

With the rise of alternative media channels, viewers no longer rely solely on TV for their entertainment, causing huge pressure on broadcasters. This is impacting the traditional advertising industry, although TV is still considered as the most engaging advertising method.

Our solutions allow ISPs and MSOs to provide data about who is watching TV – and who isn’t; this allows content owners to push targeted ads at the best time based on who is watching.

Benefits for ISPs/MSOs and Security System Integrators

  • Generate new revenue streams for your organization.
  • Our solutions leverage the existing WiFi standard and infrastructure, thereby enhancing your own product development roadmap.
  • Increase customer retention and customer satisfaction by offering more value-added services.

Benefit for Content Owners

  • Target specific users, not just demographic groups, with more accurate and meaningful advertising.