Total Home Awareness

The future of home automation is with a single device

What we can do

Using a single, easy to use device, Aerial can monitor your entire home. It can see through walls and detect the most subtle of movements


The system learns to detect which rooms have people in them, and which rooms are empty.

Applications: Energy conservation, home automation, security

Identity Recognition

Since Aerial does pattern matching in 4 dimensions (3D space + Time), we can recognize the unique WiFi fingerprint of a person and send notifications to the smart home platform.

Applications: Security, device control for various profiles


Over time, Aerial learns the pattern of your household. With some simple annotation, Aerial will know what the different activities are in your home. i.e. sleeping, watching TV, reading, and exercising. This will give more contextual information to the smart home allowing for more complex triggers.

Applications: Home automation

Get ready, it's coming!

The Aerial Cube

The CUBE is not only packed with awesome, smart-home enabling technology, it’s also craftily designed:

  • Plug and play
  • Different colors
  • Multi functional

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